September 28th 2022
Rising star of the New Zealand Bass music scene, EMWA, is back with a new single, ‘Show Me The Way’, this time teaming up with singer/songwriter, Erin G.

Show Me The Way’ is an anthem about being locked in with no way out.
The lyrics, “I’m so sick of wasting time, so done with being trapped inside (my mind)” refers to the global pandemic, and specifically the New Zealand lockdown which was one of the most restrictive in the world at the time.” says Emma
“It reflects being stuck somewhere physically but also mentally. The lyircs, “Show me the way before it’s gone” is a direct comparison to the times where at one point, the light at the end of the tunnel was fleeting.” she adds.
When comparing this track to EMWA’s previous work, the first 30 seconds tell us it’s a different kind of goodie bag to the rest.
She has given us the snare, kick drums, high hats, claps, and the hook through the melodic vocal of Erin G, an added element and a ‘first timer’ for EMWA. Naturally, we hear her growth as an artist/producer through the addition of a featured vocalist, as Erin G is the first vocalist introduced to EMWA’s music (other than her very own vocals in her single ‘Regular’).
Before the drop, EMWA and Erin give us this slow, dark build of pretty mystery, leaving room for curiosity on where the track will take us next.
Erins vocals are both distorted and grimy but with an underlying sweetness to them and EMWA’s music production echoes a darkness that forms an intense, thriller-like build up, making it feel like the room is about to explode.
As the track progresses the listener is given the feeling of being trapped and needing to escape to be able to feel their darker, more outrageous and free side, which is symbolised through the elements of the first drop. The first drop gives us more of an aggressive sound through the hard hitting rhythm of the horns used, and the change of heavier bass line, it gives a feeling of freedom.
After the first drop, we’re then taken back to the pretty melodic vocal, the pre-chorus. Symbolising the chaotic ups and downs of human personality, going from feeling composed and quite controlled, having order, standing pretty and well behaved until we start to feel the pressure in our veins and we start to build up again, needing to be released and ‘shown the way’, ‘give me the answer’.
In short, ‘Show me the Way’ is about mental health. The lyrics are juxtaposed with 2 heavy hitting different drops, both utilising digital synthesisers with a trap flare.
HARD N HEAVY, CONFIDENT, BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL  - EMWA HAS ARRIVED!! She’s given us the taste of literally almost every emotion.
Fans can catch EMWA playing at Rhythm and Vines & Northern Bass festivals this coming New Zealand summer along with a number of other unannounced shows also locked in. 



With her relentless determination, Auckland based Emma “EMWA” Davies has dominated headline shows and festivals around New Zealand as well as supporting some of the most influential artists in her respective genre such as Dillon Francis, Quix, What So Not, Ray Volpe, & Barely Alive. She has made a name for herself amongst promoters, international artists and partygoers around the country.

EMWA released her debut single, Crush, in July 2021 via Worstville Records as part of the compilation album, "Worst Behaviour". The album reached #1 on the Beatport Top 100 Dubstep Chart  and #22 on the Beatport Top 100 Album Chart, with the track itself reaching #38 on the Beatport Dubstep Top 100 singles chart. 

EMWA's second release came in November 2021, with the self-released track, Regular. It was inspired by being a woman in a male-dominated industry where we are often labelled as not good enough or regular. It gained support from Dillon Francis & Quix, along with NZ's top electronic music radio station George FM, and is a crowd favourite in EMWA's live sets. EMWA was also a finalist in the Breakthrough Artist category at the 2021 George FM awards. 

EMWA’s most recent release is her heaviest to date, Underground finds EMWA experimenting with her trap roots and developing her own niche. EMWA brings her own exclusive sound that crowds love and her fans can't find anywhere else. With her own radio show on George FM & new music on the way for the second half of 2022, EMWA is making her own lane in electronic music.





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