Estella Releases Debut Single 'Break the Silence'

February 5th 2019

Estella releases her debut single, Break The Silence. Although only 17-years old, the Nelson-based singer-songwriter has already established herself in the local music industry as one to look out for.

As the winner of the solo-duo category in the 2018 Smokefreerockquest competition, Estella has proved herself to be one of the top young musical talents in the country. Break The Silence is written and performed by Estella. The single was recorded at Roundhead Studios with producer Rodney Fisher (Goodshirt).

Estella says that beyond being impacted by music, she is defined by it.
"I've always enjoyed songs that have a bit of darkness in them, I find that people seem to resonate more with pain then they do things that are light and airy," said the 17-year-old. "Break The Silence was borne out of a rather dark place in my mind, so when I play it, I can go to that place, and I find it holds a sort of power."

The year-13 student has music on her horizon, reflecting that "Humans are the only species who can really connect with music, and it just seems right that you should be working in music if you do have that gift."

Watch the video here.

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