November 26th 2021
Fathom presents "Mother Star" in lead up to debut album "The World To Breathe"

Fathom is the solo project of Nancy Howie, member of folk Trio Tweed.

A piano tuner by trade, Nancy embraced the abundance of time the 2020 lockdown offered by handcrafting bespoke instruments out of whatever materials she could find. Two hurdy gurdies, one lap steel, an abundance of horns / saxophones and a cello made from a fence post and tin can later, Fathom found herself with an entire album of songs defined by a unique soundscape.

 "One of the few things that reassured me was looking out the window and watching as the sun rose and fell, every day, irrespective of what was happening in our daily lives. It felt like a reliable constant during a moment of frightening uncertainty."

Nancy described "Mother Star" as a "plea for answers" and a "reminder to be the best human you can be in the face of widespread confusion, frustration and anxiety".

The rhythm section of "Mother Star" is largely homemade too. Drums were made using a "paint tin and two stock pots fitted with inflatable-pool-toy skins" and the kick approximated by "pounding a fist onto the floor". The track also features three of Fathom's "ululophones", which resemble saxophones.

Following a series of exhibitions and radio interviews, Nancy ran a successful givealittle campaign to fund professional mixing with Depot Sounds. This unique time capsule of the 2020 experience is set for release in the summer of 2022.
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