Felix the Thyrd Releases 808s & Heartstrings' EP

August 8th 2017
Zimbabwean born, New Zealand raised producer and singer-songwriter FELIX THE THYRD is back with a sophomore EP called 808's & Heartstrings.

After two years of refin-ing and honing in on a modern sound Felix has shifted away from folk/ soul to a contem-porary R&B/ electronic soundscape. Moving to Auckland in July 2016 to study audio en-gineering and music production, Felix learnt how to mix, produce and the basics of mas-tering. "I was tired of wanting to produce a certain sound and not being able to achieve that because of lack of knowledge, MAINZ changed that". Leading up to the release of 808s & Heartstrings, Felix released three diverse singles which caught the attention of media outlets like MTV Australia/ NZ, AFROPUNK, Off The Clef, AUD'$, Mai Fm and Radioactive Fm. Felix is ready to release his second body of work - a follow up to his debut EP ‘The Age of Uncertainty'.

Spanning five tracks, ‘808's & Heartstrings' is an eclectic mix of genres that Felix calls "future R&B". The name of the EP is inspired by Kanye West's 808s & Heartbreaks - "I wanted to create something unique, immersive, resonant and to make a statement not only as a singer- songwriter but as a producer/ engineer". The music you'll hear on ‘808s & Heartstrings' is inspired by Sevdaliza, Hans Zimmer, THEY., The Weeknd, Corbin and Bobby Raps.
‘808's and Heartstrings' was written and recorded from Felix's home studio. As a certified audio engineer and music producer, Felix mixed and mastered every single track on his sophomore EP. 18 year old Zambian-Italian producer Leaping Tiger is the only feature artist, providing electronic production on single Dial Up which has gained over 2700 plays under a week.

Available via iTunes.

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