FREE Download of a New Bats Song

October 20th 2010
The Bats have been invited to play at Band Together.

We'll be on just after 4pm on Saturday.

We'll only have 15 minutes on stage and have been asked to play the predicatable "known" songs. Be interesting to see who in the audience recognises any of them.  Thankfully, due to us not touring too much and always having new material to perform, we still enjoy playing them and we're looking forward to being a part of this event.

Jordan Luck is joining us for his favourite Bats song, Claudine - and we have a guest guitarist on North By North along with Alan Starrett on viola (he arranged and recorded the string sections on our 2009 released Guilty Office album).

We're also going to play a new song, Free All The Monsters,  that we road tested on our Oz ANZAC tour. We fluked getting a great multi track recording of it at East Brunswick Club in Melbourne. Sounds bloody good considering it's the first time we'd performed it together as a band.
It's available as a free download on .. here

Flying Nun also have a dark Bats track from Couchmaster, Afternoon In Bed, as the "Song of 1995" free download with Down To The Wire, complete with video to watch
This song is supposed to be in a Massy Tadjedin screenwritten, Keira Knightly, Sam Worthington film, "Last Night" - we'll believe it when we see it.
Flying Nun have re-released remastered early works of the Bats. Daddy's Highway, Compiletely Bats and Couchmaster all sound surprisingly fresh after all these years.

The Bats are recording a new album down at Seacliff Asylum in December. We're very pleased to announce that Dale Cotton will be at the controls (hopefully not the EST controls). Will The Bats go lame, insane or more of the same with this one?

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