Gino October Releases Powerful "TMD TMN" Remix With Kobie Dee

November 16th 2020
Too Many Days, Too Many Nights (TMD TMN) is a sorrowful story of a young broken family that are going through the motions of separation and the daunting task of a custody battle for their young children. Gino eloquently provides a unique insight into that experience of a young parent being temporarily blocked from seeing their kids by the strong arm of the law.


Following hot on the heels of the release of Look How Far We’ve Come, a sobering-yet-blistering body of work from Gino October that deals with the myriad of emotions from being displaced in new country at a young age, out of necessity for a safer upbringing.


In the Frank Keys produced remix, Gino not only touches on how this scenario can be a catalyst for other issues such as depression and substance abuse, but also gives an insight into what it’s like for the kids.

"Kids are helpless in this scenario. They are stuck in the middle of a situation that isn’t even their fault“ Gino explains. “This is a traumatic experience that can impact their lives for the better or worst whether we like it or not. I hope this song serves as a reminder and brings awareness to my community that we need to rally around our kids and give them the utmost love and support during times like this, at the very least that is what they deserve!”.

Kobie Dee, the Kamilaroi rap star making waves on the AU scene, instantly gravitated towards the single. “Sadly, broken home situations have been come normality. I feel privileged to be on the remix of TMD TMN, and I hope a bit of my story can shed some light and and bring awareness to what these kids are experiencing in our communities”.

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