May 13th 2022
Kiwi Born & Gold Coast based Indie artist Hannah May releases her newest single ‘Earthside’ from her soon to be released debut EP. Produced by indie folk artist and producer, Tay Oskee and mastered by Paul Blakey, Earthside is a soothing acoustic lullaby with tender tearjerking lyrics to match.


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Right off the bat of her latest release ‘Written In The Sea’, May shows her soft and vulnerable side with this new release. Inspired by her unborn niece at the time, the lyrics poetically express an unconditional love and sense of protection that comes with being Parent or close relative. A feeling and a bond that can only be felt through experience.‘Earthside’ beams with bright guitar tones and charms with its earthy rhythmic driven instrumentation, giving off subtle hints of early Jack Johnson


Over the past two years and since releasing ‘Lay Me Down’ in 2020, May has begun to explore and experiment in her music and dig deeper to discover what sparks her creative fire. By opening her mind up to all things nature, real world hardships and love, May has been able to build a solid and authentic artist profile that reflects exactly who she is as a person, as a songwriter and performer. 


The tasteful production accompanied by her powerful yet humble voice makes this track a fresh and distinctive addition to the indie music scene. 2022 is looking propitious, with more music to come, a debut EP and a tour on the horizon. 


“Written in the Sea'' is a strong release for Hannah May. It’s a single that identifies her as an artist with a passion for what her music has to say, and undoubtedly, she'll have even more to share with her hotly awaited forthcoming EP.” Danika Brant - Muzic.Net April 2022


The singer/songwriter creates an atmosphere. Her creativity speaks for itself” - LEFUTUREWAVE, 26 August 2020


Hannah May is a multi-talented performer and with this release, she is showcasing her immense strengths like never before”. - MUSIC TOUR NEWS June 19, 2020

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