"HEAL THE CULTURE" Powerful New Single From IAMAEON - Rising NZ Hip-Hop Artist

June 18th 2021
Every year, innocent lives are lost due to conflict and violence in the streets of New Zealand.

A lot of these issues stem from suppressed emotions, traumatic experiences and mental health issues within our men and youth in New Zealand.

We live in a world where many men are afraid to acknowledge, feel or express their emotions which is what leads to issues within our families, relationships and communities.

This leads to suppressed anger, depression, anxiety, resentments, jealousy and insecurities.

Unfortunately this behaviour has been embedded in our culture for a long time and in order for us to make any kinds of positive changes, we need to start raising awareness and having these important conversations.

IAMAEON, a rising Kiwi Rapper also known as Jesse Wynyard was born and raised in the streets of Kelston, West Auckland in New Zealand. Growing up he was apart of this culture. Getting into fights and being hospitalized multiple times and almost losing his life after being attacked and jumped at the age of 16 by a group of thugs at a party in West Auckland.

Earlier in May 2021 Jesse lost a friend who goes by the name of Fau Vake who was attacked and jumped on the streets of Auckland. Fau was a brother, son and young father with a promising future as an up and coning MMA fighter, fighting out of Auckland gym, City Kickboxing. Home to many great NZ UFC fighters.

After losing his friend to such tragic circumstances IAMAEON decided to write "HEAL THE CULTURE."  A song dedicated to raising awareness and making a positive impact for our men, youth, communities and nations.

The mission of this song is to help #STOPCOWARDPUNCHES to ensure this type of thing doesn't happen again.

Modern day rap culture has always glorified toxic masculinity, hate, conflict and violence so IAMAEON believes that this is a message that needs to be spread to every single person in the nation.


IAMAEON is a Rising Hip-Hop Artist from Auckland, New Zealand who is on a mission to empower and motivate the world through his storytelling, conscious lyricism and electrifying live performances. His debut self-titled album “IAMAEON”  exploded onto the music scene in December, 2020 with an epic, fresh and unique discography that includes singles “Red Pill,” “Dancing in the Chaos” featuring felling NZ vocalist, Jaedon Leaf and “Black Jesus” featuring fellow NZ artist Pharaoh Swami among many hits on the album.

Outside of Music, IAMAEON is a Motivational Speaker, Hip-Hop Dancer and Entrepreneur that has a passion for spoken word, poetry and creative expression. He is also the co-founder of a global personal development company, “The Warriors of Light” who works with hundreds of thousands of people around the world through mental, physical and spiritual transformation programs, courses and retreats 

Born with the name Jesse Wynyard, he was born on July the 18th, 1993 in Auckland, New Zealand. His father left at a young age and was raised by a single mother, Joy Wynyard who passed away to brain cancer in 2015. Jesse was a rebel growing up and ran away from home at the age of 17. He spent a year homeless while selling drugs to make ends meet, he then turned his life around and became an entrepreneur at the age 18. Jesse is also a father and was 19 year old when he had his son.

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