HERA Releases Process

January 13th 2020
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Hello.. and happy new year! the second single from the album has just been released and you can listen to it here on spotify ♡ Process was one of the first we started recording and it was written years ago now, after the earthquakes, sitting on the floor at a small upstairs apartment in Christchurch about to head on tour outside of the city because we had lost so many of the music venues, it was a very raw time and I remember feeling small in the whirlwind of it all.. the song didn't feel 'finished' until we finally recorded it.. now it feels like a very personal thing to share.. it was written as a collaboration with Ben Campbell who also plays the Rhodes and organ you can hear in the recording..

The world feels like a crazy place now, the sky has been amber in New Zealand from the fires in Australia and I've been in tears many times a day for all the helpless animals.. if you're a crafter into knitting/crochet/sewing this is a way to help.. and here.. meanwhile there's another storm in Iceland, people are getting trapped by the wintry weather and from where I'm sitting I can see the snow blowing sideways across the sky.. 

In a couple of weeks I'm heading to the western fjords for the first time in 11 years, playing three shows in three amazing places.. a viking centre, a beautiful community hall and at a home/farm with a special pre-concert celebration.. I'm planning to share videos and show some of the places while I'm on the road here on instagram.. more details and dates, ticket info if you click on the poster here below.. 

thank you for reading, thank you for listening..


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