HINA - Muse

November 20th 2020
The debut EP from New Zealand artist HINA, Muse is a time capsule, a memorandum of growing pains, mistakes and regrets, love and rebirth. In addition to the quietly successful singles ‘Libertine’ and ‘Scratch’, HINA offers three more songs as a decisive expression of her artistry. With songwriting that is both sage and acute, this EP reveals a depth of feeling and knowledge of the self that can only bloom from the becoming of your early twenties.

An amalgamation of her influences, Muse is soulful with R&B flavours and a dusting of pop sensibilities. HINA's confessional and introspective songwriting invites the listener into a space where energy flows freely. The opening track ‘Scratch' is cheeky, irreverent, self-deprecating, with infectious production and an enduring commitment to tested love. ‘Libertine' follows with simmering nonchalance, an ode to diving in with caution. ‘Go So Well' laments the strains of separation with rich harmonies and a soaring guitar line. ‘Reverie' is a bittersweet reflection on trauma and healing, and ‘Letter To My Love' bares all.

Following incubation in the Pao Pao Pao music mentoring program of 2019, HINA released two singles and a music video for ‘Scratch', the video being completed in full with only the help of her partner. HINA has been performing at Auckland Live's Summer in the Square series earlier in the year, during lockdown on Ed Waaka's livestream show E NOHO Live, and before the second lockdown as part of The Weekly Mix in Aotea Center. Sharing stripped-back versions of these songs as part of her live set, HINA says it is fulfilling to release Muse to showcase her songwriting
and production in one full package.

"It feels good to put my mark in the sand, build my own sandcastle where the tide of fading memory can't reach," says HINA. "Metaphorically holding this project in my hands brings me a sense of peace and closure, and is completely satisfying."

An invitation to listen, Muse is now available on all streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple Music. With a music video in the wings, HINA looks forward to sharing more. Please keep in touch - @hinabeaming on Instagram and Facebook and www.hinamusic.co.nz.


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