IGNATIA : RISING, Don’t Know for Sure Single and Official Music Video

January 12th 2021
Ignatia : Rising want to share their latest single and music video for “Don’t Know For Sure” with you.

The song explores times when things may seem a little off, or not; when the background chatter and internal scripts occasionally seem nonsensical, or not; and with a clear upshot of hanging your hat on being definitively unsure, or not.

Introducing a Dobro into the IR sound spectrum lovingly cradled by Shane Hintz, the sound evokes memories of cool seas with sand covering your jandals and Pohutakawa bursting forth in bloom. Backed up with a solid rhythm section of Paul Hintz on drums, Geoff Budd on bass, and Craig Munro on rhythm guitar and vocal duties. 

Worthy of a listen propped up in your favourite spot, with your favourite tipple, or with whatever else keeps you balanced, and 3:10 to spare. 

Recorded and mixed by the band with massive help from Auckland located Castle Studios (Long Room) and PS Productions (engineering and mixing) and mastered by the legendary Joe Carra of Crystal Mastering, this is a step change in self-determination and direction for the band. Graphics designed and supplied by the team at LFHQ.co.nz.

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