In the Shallows Share Single 'Kia Mau Tonu'

December 1st 2020
Pōneke-based folk act In The Shallows share a bewitching version of their track, ‘Hold On’, translated in Te Reo Maori, ‘Kia Mau Tonu’. The track explores themes of mental health, and was translated with help from Donavan Farnham through Te Tauri whiri I Te Reo Māori and cultural advisor Selena Pirika

The subject matter at the very heart of this song is one that resonates deeply with vocalist and songwriter Danni Parsons:

Mental health doesn’t discriminate, it can affect any one of us at any given time. We included subtitles in English/Māori for that reason, wanting it to be as inclusive and accessible as possible. We received a lot of feedback that it would be beautiful not just being translated in text, but in song too. 

Instead of shying away from creating something that could meet the intention of the song, to be as inclusive and accessible as possible, due to a lack of understanding, we wanted to ensure that by following the guidance of Te Taura Whiri i Te Reo Māori and that of a cultural advisor, we could translate and re-record it, being respectful & honouring of Te Reo Māori & te ao Māori.

Growing up in Wales and going to a school where we spoke Welsh, I was able to speak ad write stories in Welsh pretty quickly. With good intentions, my mother thought it would be better that I learnt French and German that Welsh when I went to high school. I look back now and wish I’d been able to continue as I have come to appreciate and realise its value. Speaking the language of the country I was born into is important. It’s part of who I am.

Mental health issues can often stem from not having a strong sense of who we are, what gives us joy, which can create a feeling of unworthiness and low self esteem. ‘Hold On’ is about discovering/embracing who you are, finding what gives you strength/peace/joy, and in the meantime holding on, because it might just get better if you do. This too shall/can pass.”

In The Shallows features members Danni Parsons, Andrew Bain (Fur Patrol), Nick Brown (Eb & Sparrow, Vorn), and Lance Shepherd, offer up an exquisitely silken sound that weaves together soaring harmonies and atmospheric acoustic guitar with intricate tales of love, loss, connection, redemption and empowerment. Their self-titled album was released on November 14th and is available on all streaming platforms.

Hē aha te mea Nui o tēnei Ao? 

He Tangata 

He Tangata 

He Tangata 

What is the Most Important in the World? 

It is people

It is people

It is people.

I te Whakaaro nei mō ngā Tangata Katoa 

Kia ū Ki Ngā Uaratanga mē nga Tikanga ō tā 

tātou Atua Maori ā Kui mā, ā Koro mā.

It is the thoughts that all people should holdfast to the values and missions of our Cultural Origins & Contexts of Our Ancestors, in the past, the present and now the future.

Kia Mau E te tau is a Musical construct & composition of Journey. That highlights the stigma behind mental awareness is one that is non-discriminatory from person to person, affecting everyone.

Kā pō, Kā ao kā awatea. 



Whiri a te po, Ki te ao Marama. 

In Darkness, in the World, in Passing (death)

Weave these factors to step into the light and world of knowledge” – Selena Pirika

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