Introducing BAkeR: EP 'Eternal Now' Out February 26th

January 23rd 2023
As BAkeR, Mike Baker is new to the Zealand Music scene. However in his previous endeavours, he has quite a history.

BAkeR has spent many years in the music and restaurant scenes in both New Zealand and Australia.  

In the beginning (the early to mid 80s) he ran the import/export division of Australia's Hot Records, working with legendary artists such as The TriffidsCelibate Rifles and Laughing Clowns.

Upon his return to New Zealand, he joined NRA (aka Not Really Anything) and in 1988 the band released the Mud Babies album, which was very popular on student radio.

Baker moved back to Sydney is 1990, managing much-loved Sydney band Glide during the release of their first three EPs, 'Pretty Mouth', 'Shuffle off to Buffalo' and 'Wake'. (There is a Glide documentary currently in the works). 

For the rest of the 1990s, he trained as a chef and ended up as Head Chef at the Corner Hotel in Melbourne, but kept a hand in the entertainment sphere, cooking for the White StripesDandy WarholsHenry RollinsBoss HoggLloyd Cole and many others.

At the beginning of last year, BAkeR started recording his EP 'Eternal Now', with Daniel Hewson (the son of the late Paul Hewson of Dragon), who recorded, and played bass on the EP.  

Here is a pre-release track from the EP you can take a listen to: 'Stitch in Time'.


Catch BAkeR at POWERWEST FEST this weekend

Saturday January 28th at the New Lynn Community Centre.

3 stages, 28 bands, all ages, tickets a steal at only $50

A 10-hour show from 2pm to midnight

Tickets from Undertheradar

BAkeR, Brain Gun, Celine, The Changing Same, Coofin Club, Cootie Cuties, Dick Blowtorch, The Fuzzies, Gold Medal Famous, The Holy Loner, The Ideas, James Kohler and his Rotating Organ Experiment, MurderChord, Mysterex, New Delusion, The New Existentialists, Offal Pit Stiletto, Shady Brain Farm, Something At Last playing the songs of Nothing At All, Sonshine Unit, Soul Strike, Spillkit, Sundiver, This Is How We Die, Thunderground, Venom Dolls, Video Nasty, Vorn

Ticket prices
Family Pass - 4x tickets $160
Child (under 18) - $40
General Admission is $50
Door Sales on the day will be $60



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