May 26th 2023
Indie rock singer-songwriter Jarrod Ross delves into a new sonic realm with the single 'Just a Habit', an addictive guitar-driven track of pure electro-pop-rock.

Former guitarist/front man for Auckland rock band Valedictions and bass player for the acclaimed Flying Nun signed indie-rockers Pan Am, Jarrod now embarks on an exciting new venture dropping ‘Just A Habit’ ahead of the release of his debut solo album later this year.


An irresistible fusion of infectious melodies and raw rock energy, 'Just a Habit' unfolds with a driving bass line and electrifying staccato guitar riffs. Emerging as the first glimpse into a collection of introspective material, ‘Just A Habit’ was meticulously crafted in his home studio, then passed to Barry Blackler (DIRT, The Starlings; The Jesus and Mary Chain) to add a unique blend of drums, percussion, and psychedelia.


A labour of love for Jarrod, the realisation of 'Just a Habit' has been part of a project that has simmered and evolved throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Embracing the creative and recording process, Jarrod assumed the roles of songwriter and instrumentalist, calling on Blackler for drums, programming, mixing, and mastering duties.

Accompanied by a seemingly sweet music video comprised of rearranged old cartoon footage, the song’s subject matter contrasts sharply with the innocuous, affable imagery as Jarrod propels the listener into his lyrical universe, confronting the twin perils of pain and dependency with the ominous but catchy: “If you could ever stop, you’ll find another way…if you could ever stop, said it just yesterday...”


By channelling his innermost thoughts and emotions, Jarrod weaves an evocative tapestry of rock, melodic acoustic, and psychedelic elements, taking the listener on a hyper expedition through sound.



With 'Just a Habit', Jarrod Ross emerges as a captivating force in the indie rock scene, unafraid to delve into the depths of human experience and provoke introspection through his art. Brace yourself for a hypnotic sonic journey and keep an ear out for the new album in 2023!

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