Jeremy Redmore New Album Out Today!

March 20th 2020
The fifth and final chapter, Day 365 of The Brightest Flame, is out today with hope as its lasting impression.

Award-winning-songwriter, Jeremy Redmore, has always championed the impact music has on healing "Whether that comes by way of its creation, expression or aural impact."

"For myself, it was through its creation and expression. Each chapter of the story played a different role in my grieving process: from counsellor, to confidant, best friend, mentor and champion."

You can listen to the album in its entirety here.

"What I hope now is that people can find healing as listeners and observers of my story. The process of its creation can inspire people to write down their own experiences in song or verse, whether to simply tell their stories or to energise and lift others up." - Jeremy Redmore.


11 tracks journeying through the all too familiar process of loss, grieving, isolation, discovery and hope. Jeremy Redmore invites us into his world and in turn allows us to share the highs and lows with him. 

The Brightest Flame signposts a significant shift in Jeremy's songwriting where creating ascended "ambition" and "work" and became a necessary healer. Four and a half years since leaving for Canada, Jeremy has returned home to Aotearoa with his most vulnerable release yet.


The Brightest Flame album artwork by Mike Braid

After You
So Easy (II)
Same Old Routine
The Best Is Not To Come
One Amongst 1000
Fire and Snow
Sugar and Fire
Walk Away
The Mountain
Southern Lights


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