Jodi Vaughan - Four Legged Angel

June 18th 2021
Following on from the success of Jodi Vaughan’s most recent single ‘Aussie Proud’, Jodi announces the release of her beautiful new single, ‘Four Legged Angel’, in support of dog rescue.

Jodi’s song captures the loving bond that builds between a dog and owner. The acceptance, loyalty, trust and unconditional love of our “Furever Friends”.

When asked about the new song Jodi said… “I met a lady carrying 2 tiny puppies at the vets not long ago and that new born puppy scent got to me. I made the mistake of asking for a cuddle and was smitten right there and then. I asked what their story was and was told that they were abandoned and up for adoption to their forever homes.  My heart broke and decided there and then to do what I could to raise funds for DC RESCUE DOGS to help”.

“I decided to do a show with my friend Barbie ,COUNTRY MEETS CABARET, but I wanted to do more so I wrote this song. The lyrics come from my heart. Based on my two  dogs who are both RESCUES.  Delta Vaughan came from the pound and Harley off a farm from a cage. They were both hesitant at first but with all the love I could muster they soon realised they were now in their forever home.”


“The words of the song came easily from the heart and is a true story of the love I have for all dogs, big or small, young or old, any colour, any breed.”

Every cent from the sale of the CD & Download goes to DC RESCUE DOGS.   

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