JOHN HANLON Top New Zealand Writer/singer/songwriter - Still Making Waves

September 2nd 2013
"After The Dam Broke" - out on Ode Records Friday 6th September 2013 At a time of life when most people are looking to do less and slow down, award-winning NZ music star John Hanlon is picking up speed and taking on new challenges.

September 6th 2013 sees the release of After The Dam Broke, a double CD, 40 song compilation of his best music over the years.

The compilation includes the iconic 70s protest song "Damn the Dam", the soaring melody of "Higher Trails" and jaunty pop beat of "Lovely Lady", and songs recorded between 1980 and 2010 including some previously unreleased.

True fans will know that John essentially dominated the music scene in the mid 70s, collecting Album of the Year and Songwriter of the Year awards three years in succession, a feat never achieved by any other artist before or since. In addition, he won the APRA Silver Scroll two years in succession. His records sold in numbers that seem unimaginable today, often remaining in the charts for months on end. He was by any measure a hugely successful recording artist, and arguably the first major singer-songwriter in New Zealand's history; certainly the most prolific.

But John has never sought the limelight, quite the reverse; he ran from it when his popularity was soaring in the 70s. He left NZ, moved to Australia and became a successful advertising creative. In this role too he has continued to stand up for issues which concern him, most recently via his pro bono advertising work through his Sydney ad agency LOUD. His latest advertisement is a heart--rending anti-factory farming commercial for Animals Australia, which has been picked up by animal rights organisations around the world and has been seen on New Zealand screens versions adapted for SAFE. The original 2 min version is at:

And now John Hanlon is back in New Zealand in September and available for the first time to talk: About the reason he left New Zealand, his career, his values and beliefs, and the fact he never stopped making music.

At the same time, John's book GOLF: A Course in Life: A few things golf can teach us about life and business will be available through bookshops in New Zealand. ‘Each page can spark a discussion about life' says John, who mentions his own struggles with depression and anxiety in the book.

John has also contributed a chapter to a new book released in New Zealand on 9 August called Grumpy Old Men by Paul Little and Dorothy Dudek Vinicombe in which he takes on pointless politicking over the environment, ageism and the lack of respect for intellectual property.


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