Jordyn With a Why’s New Single ‘Seen Tonight’ Out Now

March 18th 2023
Samoan/Māori artist and social media influencer ‘Jordyn with a Why’ releases her latest single ‘Seen Tonight.’

After the success of ‘Raumati,’ this new single offers an English restyling in ‘Seen Tonight’. Jordyn says it’s not a translation, rather, its own version. If ‘Raumati’ made you feel the sunshine, ‘Seen Tonight’ will get you vibing in the moonlight.


“Seen Tonight offers another personality, or another face to the same arrangement that accompanies ‘Raumati’ - a moment to just have a cheeky bevy and dance with your besties.

“It’s about having fun, dressing up and having a good time.”


The release of ‘Seen Tonight’ marks Jordyn’s first release for 2023 - a fun start to many more coming.


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