Keira Wallace 1st Single Release "Lying on the Grass"

June 11th 2021
Keira's love of songwriting and performing, along with her passion for writing and music are evident in her 1st release, Lying on the Grass.

The song was written, composed and produced last year, at age 13 and is the 1st of 3 singles to be released this year; a huge accomplishment for such a young musician. Her silky voice and thought-provoking lyrics allow you to lose yourself in the song, something that has contributed to Keira recently winning the Dunedin Fringe Festival 2021 People’s Choice Award for Best Public Performance.

In January 2020, Keira wrote her debut single, Lying on the Grass. Keira: “It’s about wanting to get away from the pressures and expectations that society pushes onto everyone - taking yourself to your happy place.” With its captivating vocals and spacey vibes, Lying on the Grass whisks you along and perfectly captures the wistful feeling of wanting to get away.


Keira: “The song idea came to me while I was lying on the grass, chilling with my cats. Looking up at the sky, I felt at peace and in awe of the beautiful world around us. I thought about the impact we have had on Earth, it’s dwellers, and on each other. I wondered what life would be like if we could be whisked away from all the negativity, the constant judging, comparing and endless opinions. Even though we can’t physically be projected into the atmosphere, it’s important to have a place you can take your mind to, that the opinions can’t reach.”


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2018:   Best original song (Band) Bandquest.
2019:   Best original song (Band) Bandquest. Taieri College Performing Arts Scholarship,

2020:   2nd in SFRQ Otago Region Solos, APMED participant, 1st Gig at Bark! with AMPED,

Saddle Hill Youth Ambassador Award, Cover song - Play It Strange Who Loves Who Album, 3rd in Milton's Got Talent.

2021:   Fringe Festival People's Choice Award for Best Public Performance, Nook and Cranny Festival, Attending Girls Rock Potene in July, 

Competed in SFRQ Otago

Region Band and Solos, 2nd Place in SFRQ Otago Region Solos, Releasing 3 singles and an EP with additional 1-2 singles this year.

Radio One 91FM Live to Air Interview and Performance 8am 27th May 2021,
Performing on Channel 39 as part of the NZ Music Month Extravaganza 4pm Saturday 29th May 2021.


Credits: Lying on the Grass - Keira Wallace:

Released 11 June 2021

Written and composed by Keira Wallace

Produced by Keira Wallace and Molly Devine

Recorded at Molly Devine School of Music

Electric Guitar by Cameron Lord

Mastered by Oli Allan - Stebbing Recording Centre Ltd

Single Artwork by Keira Wallace
Video by Keira Wallace and Debbie Lawson

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