Keith Aaron, Our Favourite Local R&B Artist, Brings Us His New Groovy Single ‘You Gotta Get Busy’

June 18th 2021
Releasing a brand new single each month is no easy task, but Keith Aaron, an emerging R&B artist/producer, has been seamlessly releasing a high-quality track a month since the beginning of this year since the release of his EP ‘If You Understood’ at the end of 2020.

June brings us ‘You Gotta Get Busy’, authentic to his sound with an innovative beat and smooth vocals, ‘You Gotta Get Busy’ is a groovy, motivating ‘feel good’ track perfect for those mid year blues. With lush harmonies and vocal layers bursting into a vibrant and catchy chorus, Keith Aaron shows us that creating a single a month pushes him to give us a new, developed sound within his music through each new track. 

Completing the song-creation process entirely on his own, Keith Aaron has developed advanced production skills that are a testament to his drive and passion as a musician. His latest releases have earned him a Spotify cover feature on R&B inspired clothing collective playlist ‘For the Love of Soul’ (pictured below).

“You Gotta Get Busy is a song that I’ve always wanted to make but never had the knowledge or chance to make. It took me a lot of trial and error with the production to get the right sounds I wanted to use. The writing process was super fun because it came so naturally and organically. It was a matter of pressing record, freestyling the melodies, going back and finding the words and repeating for each section. I hope that everyone who listens to this gets the same feeling I get.” - Keith Aaron





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