Kingsley Melhuish Announces EP Preview

December 6th 2018

Kingsley Melhuish is stepping out from the crowd. A multi-instrumentalist and collaborator, his infectious sound palette has seen him performing with the likes of the Violent Femmes, Tim Finn, Don McGlashan and more recently Alargo.

Melhuish says his favourite instrument has hardly been touched over the last few years but a load of newly written material has seen his voice taking centre stage.

‘People come up to me afterwards surprised to hear me singing.' Well known for performing horns - trumpet, trombone, tuba and the conch shell, Melhuish says he began singing as a young boy in Napier as a chorister.

Jumping in at the other end of the spectrum as a singer/songwriter has proved a daunting but sweet experience with delighted audience members effusive. ‘I've been getting a few speeches about hiding my light under a bush but timing is everything.'

Kingsley Melhuish's first solo EP will be released this summer.

Kingsley Melhuish EP Preview
Café one2one, 121 Ponsonby Rd
4pm, Sunday 9th Dec
$12 presales
$15 door sales

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