La Coco Shares Powerful Single 'Collide'

November 12th 2021
Prominent soul artist and Waiata Maori Music Award winner La Coco shares her latest single, 'Collide', an ode to the strength of Polynesian women, their will and sense of purpose.


"In the song you hear biblical references, like the moving of mountains, stopping of floods and famine, the calming of storms. I use these as an analogy, a comparison to what our women were doing at the time and to this day, but in her physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms of her being.

"She who carries and wears the scars of sacrifice. She in her mind constantly battles her own demons and then fights those of her loved ones. The emotional energy and space given time after time. She remains strong and continues to find purpose and move forward.

"The beginning line comes in strong, describing what was going on for our people at the time of the Dawn Raids, then strongly states what we continue to do, both then and now.

"My music is open to one's own interpretations, which is the beauty of music. Listen, and let it move and speak to you however you see fit."

Having recently undergone a mentorship with the Polynesian Panthers, and as part of the Oceans Before Me project, 'Collide' will lend itself not only to La Coco's upcoming EP, Too Far Gone, but also to Daughters of the Dawn, the upcoming Oceans Before Me album due for release on November 19th.

Words from the Polynesian Panthers:

"If it weren't for the sisters... I think a lot of us, the brothers in the group would either be dead or locked up" - Tigilau Ness

"... at the time of the Dawn Raid, I was a young mother just having left university and bringing up a young son" - Melani Anae

"... The Sisters, The Panther Sisters, were the backbone" - Melani Anae
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