L.A.B Album Pre-Orders Available

October 13th 2017

Also available for pre-order now is the debut album from L.A.B., the new project from Brad & Stu Kora, Joel Shadbolt & Ara Adams-Tamatea (Katchafire)!


L.A.B. have spent over three years making their name on the live circuit in both New Zealand & Australia, and their debut album is a result of countless sets honing their material.

Across 12 tracks, L.A.B. shows an act with a strong sense of their own voice and sound. Moving effortlessly from reggae-funk to festival-ready monster tunes, L.A.B. is going to be the album of summer!

Pre-order the album now and get 'Jimmy Boy' and 'Starry Eyes' instantly, or click the links to listen.


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