L.A.B Announce Second Album Out Dec 21!

December 7th 2018

Just over 12 months since the release of their debut album, L.A.B. return with L.A.B. II, their second studio album. As the album title suggests, II is the next chapter in the L.A.B. story, and follows on from a massive year since their debut's release. II again sees 12 genre-bending tracks combining to create another album readymade for summer listening.

Available for pre-order now, the announcement comes alongside the release of the first taste, 'Midnight Summer'. With a chorus readymade for a live singalong, the track perfectly captures the feel of summer.

The album again showcases a diverse sound that, while hard to peg down, is becoming increasingly familiar as L.A.B.'s sound. Reggae, funk, blues, soul, ballads and synth-heavy jams all appear throughout II, with the two-headed production team of Dr Lee Prebble and Brad Kora keeping the sound consistent throughout.

L.A.B. II cements the band as one of the most diverse acts in New Zealand, one who not only move across genres effortlessly, but who own each genre they step into. The album further shows an act who are growing in confidence, putting their vast musical talent and experience into a project which sounds like nothing else.




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