L.A.B Announces Release of Debut Album With Single 'Jimmy Boy'

September 21st 2017

Out November 24 and available for pre-order now digitally and on limited edition double LP is the debut self-titled album from L.A.B.. The latest project from Brad & Stu Kora, Joel Shadbolt and Ara Adams-Tamatea (Katchafire), their debut album showcases the incredible talent that has seen the band become one a fan favourite on the New Zealand live circuit.

L.A.B. have spent over three years making their name on the live circuit in both New Zealand and Australia, and their debut album is a result of countless sets honing their material. Written across Whakatane and Tauranga, the album has been recorded across week-long stints at Wellington's Surgery Studios with Dr Lee Prebble (The Black Seeds, Fly My Pretties, TrintyRoots).

The two-headed production team of Prebble and Brad Kora combined not only the eclectic sounds but the eclectic influences to create the L.A.B. sound. With Kora as the main driving force, his brother Stu, Shadbolt and Adams-Tamatea would then come in and individually add their own character and colour to the recording process.

Across all 12 tracks, L.A.B. shows an act with a strong sense of their own voice and sound, and all its different aspects. Family is a theme which runs throughout L.A.B.. Themes of loved ones falling in with the wrong crowd crop up multiple times, however the prevailing theme is the power of family, and the fragility of these relationships. The four members are all one family, and this is a piece of work which is a tribute to their individual families.

Over one hour long, L.A.B. is an album which wears its influences unapologetically on its sleeves, and has created an eclectic sound. It is an album which showcases four incredibly talented and experienced musicians combining in a unique way, taking all the elements of their separate musical lives, throwing them into a blender, and resulting in a listen which is unlike anything that has come before.

L.A.B. - L.A.B. out November 24, pre-order now here.

Available on 2LP vinyl and digitally worldwide

Listen to 'Jimmy Boy' here.

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