Lauren Gin Drops Her Debut EP, “SUPERNOVA”

August 4th 2020
Lauren Gin, the 24 year old electronic music producer has just dropped her debut EP, Supernova. This one is not to be missed!

Supernova is composed of 4 songs created during New Zealand’s lockdown period. It’s Lauren's 5th year on the DJ scene spinning music for others, but the beginning of a new chapter in terms of making music for herself. Lauren’s tracks flit effortlessly between various genres; connecting the dots between Trap, Future Bass the amalgam of which produces these invigorating, hard-hitting drops. 

The opening track Need To Know kicks off with strong vocals that compliment an intense Trap drop with a catchy melody. The second drop sees a change in sounds, with a more aggressive and heavy tone.  Her favourite song on the EP is GO, a powerful hype tune that recently premiered on George FM. 

Through the medium of her boundary-straddling sounds, Lauren takes real life experiences and renders them sonically through her body of work leaving her listeners with a sensation of energy and ecstasy, but also an appetite for more. 

Lauren started off DJing at low-key venues in Auckland and Wellington. Fast-forward to only 6 months later, and she booked a slot at her first festival – Splore, in 2016. Since then, she’s played there annually, and has even squeezed in a set at Rhythm & Vines. 

Lauren will be having her EP launch party this Friday at Pointers, August 7th. Go along to hear her tunes played live!


You might tune into Lauren Gin on the radio or dance with her behind the DJ booth.  Get ahead of the game and earn yourself music cred by acquainting yourself with her sound now because you’ll be hearing much more of it from here on out. 

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