Lawrence Arabia Releases No.11 Singles Club 'Oppositional Democracy'

December 20th 2018

One of New Zealand's most acclaimed songwriters returns to releasing music, but in a new way. Feeling strangled by music industry release norms of premieres, deadlines and embargoes on his music, Lawrence Arabia (James Milne) decided to take a step closer to his fans, sending them his new music as he makes it.

Lawrence Arabia delivers another glorious epic pop gem invoking the best of the 60's, laced with the familiar humour that he is well known and much loved for.

Milne lets out a near sigh with the release of the penultimate track in this epic journey of releasing one song per month for an entire year. "This process is coming to a close and my brain is changing gear into planning ways to tour the record and making sure there's a record to tour. Really excited to play this music to you somewhere. One month to go!..."

Listen here.

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