Lawrence Arabia Shares 'A Little Hate' From Singles Club

May 16th 2018

One of New Zealand's most acclaimed songwriters returns to releasing music, but in a new way. Feeling strangled by music industry release norms of premieres, deadlines and embargoes on his music, Lawrence Arabia decided to take a step closer to his fans sending them his new music as he makes it.

Fans are still able to join the Singles Club for early access here.

The rest of us just need to wait until for a few weeks until the wheels of industry have churned the new music through its machinery, which for Single No.4 - is today!

Welcome to "A Little Hate' with Heather Mansfield (The Brunettes) on shared vocals and Liam Finn on drums.


Kind of an aggro driving song about internet trolls.

Listen to 'A Little Hate' on Spotify, iTunes and Apple Music.

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