Little Ripples Go Digital!

August 23rd 2019
Whangarei-based children’s folk artists Little Ripples have just announced that their debut self-titled album will be uploaded to digital streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple Music.

True to its name, this album has already proved hugely popular with families, children, and classrooms all over the nation. The possibility to increase their accessibility to a new range of listeners motivates Little Ripples member, Emily Benge “we want our music to be easy to discover and share so it can reach as many children’s ears as possible!”. This precedes a soon to be announced second album, Rise and Fall expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

At the core of Little Ripples are Emily and Samuel Benge, educators and parents who strongly believe in the power of music to uplift and support children’s development. “We approach making music for tamariki from our perspectives as parents and teachers embedding it with messages that promote connection and wellbeing”. For this reason the album has already been utilised in a range of primary school and early childhood education contexts as a valuable classroom resource. Parents have likewise found that the relaxed and homely tones of the Little Ripples are a fantastic parenting tool in opening conversations about family life and creating an energised and yet comforting family atmosphere.

Little Ripple’s self-titled debut will be available for the first time on Spotify and Apple Music from August 30th. The album is still available for sale in a physical format from their website: Keep your eyes out for their second album, Rise and Fall, to be announced soon.


Praise for the album:

This album has become the soundtrack of our summer! It’s absolutely beautiful and our girls Mother of two

“Great music, it feels like a beautiful box has been opened and I am getting to find out what wonders are inside!” New entrance teacher.

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