Lucky Boy^ Shares 'Turn Off That Light'

May 17th 2019

Shoegaze bedroom artist recluse and local enigma, Lucky Boy^ (solo project of Simeon Kavanagh-Vincent) shares ‘Turn Off That Light', a self-produced, pensive follow up to student radio network favourite ‘Can't Get Enough'.

Listen to 'Turn Off That Light': Spotify | Apple Music | iTunes

Like a sobering walk in the dark, Kavanagh-Vincent contemplates the discomfort of life under fluorescent lights. Lo-fi sampling and washed out vocals create a refreshing dichotomy, as the waves of guitar wash over the melancholic, yet hopeful lullaby of sorts.

The Auckland-by-way-of-Basingstoke artist's Lucky Boy^ ‘project' came to life during friendly banter with a workmate, inspiring Kavanagh-Vincent to abandon his perfectionist tendencies and write a song a night. The chosen fruit from this self-imposed challenge came to end up on his beloved Bandcamp page.


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