Luvvin by the Peacekeepers (Featuring Members of Shapeshifter.)

March 16th 2015
There's no doubting the uber-talented lads from the New Zealand success story that is Shapeshifter have got serious credentials in creating bass-heavy bangers that keep crowds the world over lusting for more.

So it's no surprise that The Peacekeepers - the side project of three of its members, consisting of Sambora, Nicky Research and P.Digsss - are now taking their own original musicality global in 2015.

What was once a DJ project has now morphed as the multi-talented musicians put their hands on their hearts and dig deep to produce and release their first single, Luvvin, later this month.

Released by Wellington and Dunedin-based glitch and future bass label, Junkfood Records, Sambora, Nicky Research and P. Digsss take their project from spinning booty-shakin' grinders that keep the party jumping to now crafting and moulding original The Peacekeepers tracks.

Having been on the road together with Shifters for the past 15 years, the trio's DJ partnership has been born out of a mutual love for spinning bass-heavy beats and a passion for showing dance floor crowds their influences and vibes.

Now with countless worldwide shows behind them, The Peacekeeper's original, dance floor-only productions have gradually crept into their sets. And in 2015, the time is right to unleash their own brand of sonic boom to an already captive audience, with the support of local future bass label, Junkfood Records.

So take your heart and look around because all The Peacekeepers need is a little bit of love to keep the party pumping. Come in peace and join their dance floor revolution...

Download your free copy of 'Luvvin' here
Listen to "Luvvin" here

Available on Itunes from March 26th 2015


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