Maori Music Month Takes Over the Gold Coast

August 15th 2017

Te Marama Pūoru Waiata Māori (Māori Music Month) is set to take over Australia's Gold Coast this week with the Kiwi Karnival, a special celebration of New Zealand music, arts and culture which will see a group of young Māori performers opening for headline acts Stan Walker and Che Fu & the Krates.

Waiatatia Youth Workshop is a group of Queensland-based rangatahi (youth) who for the past few months have been mentored and tutored by R&B vocalist and Waiata Māori Music Awards ambassador Taisha Tari. The group will take the stage for the first time at this Friday's concert.

The Waiatatia Youth vocal mentoring programme was launched in the Gold Coast last year as part of the inaugural Māori Music Month. As part of the initiative, Australian-based Māori rangatahi singer Rio Hunt won a year's vocal mentoring with ambassador Taisha, as well as a trip to New Zealand to attend the 10th Waiata Maori Music Awards which are being held in Hastings on Friday 15th September.

"This collaboration has been hugely rewarding for all involved and the Waiatatia Youth Workshop group is so excited to be sharing the stage with Stan Walker and Che Fu," says Taisha. "This has been a process of building dreams and creating a positive outcome for the future of our rangatahi."

Taisha and Brown Suga Music (featuring Melaanie, Lionel Nelson, Sana Faifai and former NZ Idol winner Matt Saunoa) will also be part of the Kiwi Karnival concert line-up and the family-friendly event is being MC'd by Danny Faifai of The Koi Boys.

Event organiser, Melanie Vietheer says: "The kaupapa behind this concert is to provide a bridge between Australia and New Zealand. With Stan Walker and Che Fu, we have headliners from both sides of the Tasman and they are being supported by a line-up of local Gold Coast performers, plus we will be treated to an exciting debut from the Waiatatia Youth Workshop. It's really like we are bringing our past, present and future together in one event."

About Kiwi Karnival

Date: Friday August 18
Time: 4pm-8pm
Venue: Nightquarters, Gold Coast
Tickets: Tickets2


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