Marianne Leigh Releases New Single 'Suddenly'

September 17th 2021
Auckland artist Marianne Leigh has unveiled her breathtaking new single ‘Suddenly’. The delicately romantic tune about unexpected love, is the second single from this up-and-coming indie-pop artist’s EP, SIMPLE THINGS, set to be released on November 5.

Listen to ‘Suddenly’ HERE

The stunningly emotive track, with it’s atmospheric descending piano line matched with Marianne’s soaring vocals, floats into a space of peaceful, calm and complete love. ‘Suddenly’ beautifully encapsulates the universal feeling of new love, showcasing 18-year-old Marianne’s depth as a songwriter.

“I was so proud when I wrote 'Suddenly'; it felt like a step up for me as a songwriter”, said Marianne. “There's something so special about writing a song that completely captures the emotions you feel in the moment. With ‘Suddenly’, it's about being burned by love in the past, and despite your fears, trying to love again.”

An accompanying video, directed and edited by Kerry Du Point, is set for release on September 23. Filmed in Christchurch over one weekend, the visuals bring the single to life through dancing and movement. 

“It was an incredible experience; I just couldn't believe that people were dancing to my music.”

Suddenly’ is a key part of Marianne’s upcoming EP, with lyrics from the tune inspiring the EP’s title SIMPLE THINGS

“I view this EP as a transitional project for me as an artist, finding my sound and growing into the musician I want to be. All of the songs on the EP are so different, and showcase different types of love.”

Keep an eye out for the accompanying video, out September 23.

Listen to ‘Suddenly’ HERE

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