Matt Schobs – Water/Sand

May 5th 2021
Arriving twenty years ago to the windswept climes of New Zealand after another life in North London, Matt Schobs has followed a path across the country laying his head in places as exotic as Tauranga and Oamaru where he briefly contemplated a life as a steam punk advocate before coming to his senses and releasing his excellent new EP Water/Sand.

Split between two instrumentals and three vocal pieces Water/Sand opens with the beautifully expansive sounding Water, which blends a mixture of narration and dream-like vocals, the evocative nature of the instrumentation shimmering like the tracks namesake title.

Stripped of its vocals Water and alongside instrumental Sand, Schobs displays his talent for multi instrumentation and a potential future sound-tracking films, both tracks cast a luminescent filmic spell. 


To Be Here Again and Whiskey & Wine showcase a penchant for the blues with warm guitar and heartfelt mournful lyrics, a trait that works across the entire EP Schobs showing a strong flair for pensive and insightful lyrics and while life as a steam punk now lays in ruins, a bright future as a kiwi troubadour beckons.

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