MC Resin One & Producer DJ Orphan Announce Debut Album

January 16th 2018
Released through Firstlight Recordings 17 February 2018

MC Resin One & Producer DJ Orphan today announced their debut Album "The Art Of Kai Zen". 

"..Kai Zen loosely translates to continued self improvement, a modern Japanese business model, the quest for one to always be better than they were the day before.."

Produced over the last 2 years in the studio Resin One & Orphan are ready to release their 13 track feature length album.

With the singles "Every Time" "Hook Line Sinker" and The underground classic "Brain Freeze" release to critical acclaim. "The Art Of Kai Zen" is set to be a New Zealand Hip Hop Classic for 2018.

Album released on all good music services Saturday the 17th February 2018


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