Meet Claye as They Release Their New Single 'Places'

August 15th 2017
"Meet CLAYE. They're kind of a big deal." - Red Bull Music

"We're picking CLAYE as the next New Zealand act to crack the border." - SNIFFERS

Wellington based duo Giorgio Scott and Oscar Kennedy (CLAYE), are creators of smooth, moody alternative R&B / Pop. The two met whilst attending the same Hall of
residence at University of Wellington in 2016, making habit of late night sessions concluding in the early hours of the morning.
Their debut single ‘Autodrive' harvested over 250K+ plays, the #1 spot on Spotify's highly esteemed Fresh Finds global playlist, #8 on the US Viral charts, and #11 on the Canadian Viral Charts in just months.
For an unsigned duo dipping their toe in the water, the sophomore release has been one worth waiting for. Today, CLAYE releases ‘Places' - a track about moving away from relationships, the pain of doing so, and the extraordinary experiences that eventuate after. Strap in, and get set on CLAYE's fast-paced trajectory worth following.

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