Merry Krautmas From Moniker

December 14th 2018

Sometimes the wonkiest ideas have the best results. And so it came to pass with Merry Krautmas, the Christmas-cum-Krautrock album you had no idea you needed. But boy oh boy do you need it. No more shall your soul slowly decompose into the dust from whence it came as hour after hour of terrible Christmas music destroys your fragile yuletide cheer. Nay, for now ye shall play Krautmas and only Krautmas forever more and the eggnog will flow like the waters of the Danube.

Merry Krautmas is performed and produced by Moniker, a film-composing, synthersizing trio made up of 50% of New Zealand's much loved The Phoenix Foundation. You may have heard their earth shattering synthy blip blops and mysterious cosmic musings on the soundtrack they composed for Hunt For The Wilderpeople, or Wellington Paranormal, or Boy, or Meat. Yadda yadda yadda, "Who cares Morty, Krautmas is all that matters now, in this or any other conceivable universe."

From the robotic sway of "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" to the ambient-sea-shore at the edge of reality that is "Silent Night", Merry Krautmas is a soothing tonic that will save this Christmas and every Christmas henceforth. Because Christmas royalties are forever if you shut your eyes, listen out for sleigh bells and truly believe that dreams can come true.

Available now on Bandcamp.

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