MISSY Announces New Single

February 19th 2021
MISSY (aka Abigail Knudson) is back with her distinctive, idiosyncratic blend of electro-baroque goth-pop. As one reviewer commented: “If Kate Bushand Brian Eno had a baby, it would be MISSY.”

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Released today, Petty is the first slice from a new collection of work that will be hitting streaming platforms in 2021.

Thematically, Petty tackles the immaturity that can sometimes rear its ugly head when people meet somebody truly compatible for the first time. The self-destruction, the excuses and the fear that comes with finding what fits you, versus the more negative relationship-with-a-fiery-ending that you believe you deserve. Most people run from something good for them faster than something that is bad for them and Petty tries to encapsulate the indecisiveness and regret that comes with tackling that.

The video, directed by Swap Gomez (The Umbrella Creative) sees a red-veiled MISSY shadowing people. The ancient Romans called red veils ‘flammeums', and believed they warded off evil spirits. Here, it symbolises reflection and a looming reminder of the challenges one must try to face in order to grow and achieve happiness.

NB: Fans purchasing the single on Bandcamp will also get three bonus tracks not available on any other platform.

"A hybrid sound made up of Lana Del Ray's Video Games vibes, and Billie Eilish's haunting and sultry pop overtones is not necessarily something we ever thought we needed. Now that it's happened, however, it's hard to believe there was ever a time this amalgamation of two of the industry's strongest female musicians hadn't been considered." Elsewhere.co.nz

"[MISSY has created a] unique soundscape, she grabs our senses out of nowhere and pulls us into her realm in an instant. She has crafted something special and uniquely charming and mesmerizing". Wolf In A Suit (USA)


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