Moana & the Tribe - 'AEIOU' - Tiki Taane Remake

September 21st 2022
Sneaking in at the end of Te Wiki o te reo Māori, Moana Maniapoto releases this fabulous remake of this iconic track.

Watch the new video here!

“AEIOU was released in 1993. It was blatant propaganda, a call to action. I was sick of having my name mutilated beyond recognition. I was on a mission to brainwash Pākehā into pronouncing the vowels correctly and rark Māori into joining a te reo revolution.

It began as a radio jingle written by Mina Ripia - we were both working at Aotearoa Radio. Teremoana and I wrote lyrics around the line “akona te reo.” Stuart Pearce produced it. This was before digital platforms. Radio programmers described it as “too preachy.” I suspect even the one line of reo in it was triggering.

Back then when my toddler spoke Māori, people would stop and stare - even our own if I’m to be honest. He was shocked if someone spoke Māori to him outside of kohanga, marae or home. My daughter who is 14 is in a completely different world where more Pākehā are learning or are at least conscious of pronunciation.

Angus McNaughton did a remix for our second album RUA. When Hinewehi suggested a remake, we discussed different producers. I’ve always been a fan of Tiki. He did a remix of another song Scotty and I wrote called 'Pae o Riri'. I like the dark brooding edge to his music. AEIOU is an anthem – it needs to be played at high volume. Love this new version.

It was a challenge for Scotty Morrison to translate mine and Teremoana’s lyrics. He did it metaphorically - not literally. I’m thrilled and honoured these artists put their own unique mark on this waiata. I absolutely love it.” - Moana Maniapoto


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