Naircol - Isolate

October 17th 2020
Naircol is proud to announce that on the 17th of October, the long awaited Debut album 'Isolate' will be available on all major streaming platforms and services. Isolate has been the passion project of New Zealand born producer and composer Matt Hennessy for the past few years and is an intricate, polished and intriguing love letter to his myriad of influences.

Naircol aims to create electronic music with a unique, interesting, fresh and sound. The music

on 'Isolate' pulls inspiration from a deep pool of classic musicians, artists, films and television,


specifically with a focus on retro 70s, 80s and 90s sounds, while blending in Jazz, Pop, Video-

game and Heavy Metal elements.This Frankenstein's monster of influences makes for a daring


and unique listening experience that hasn't quite been done before.

Two singles from 'Isolate' (Lucid and Delineate) have already been receiving high praise from

fans, praising the songs unique take on electronic music and Naircol's intricate method of

composing and producing.

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