Origin Roots Aotearoa - FREEDOM

September 23rd 2022
Rotorua local band ORA (Origin Roots Aotearoa) will release their single - Freedom on Friday 23 September as part of the lead up to their full album release, due end of October 22.

Origin Roots Aotearoa is a collaboration between six talented Māori creatives with a strong passion and love for music. They came together quite organically but from the very first note they played, they have felt like it was meant to be. 

ORA have been busy writing and creating new content over the past 7 months, thanks to the lockdown period it gave the band some time to create new music, diversify their sound and with the skills and support of Producer Jimmy Colbert (1814), the team are pumped and ready to showcase their product. 

Freedom speaks to everyone, its self-expression to be free and be your own leader.

“It’s about tino rangatiratanga and empowering ourselves to walk our own talk. It’s a challenge to ourselves to be those natural leaders and guide our youth, our families, our friends to be our unique and authentic selves.” Eugene Temara.


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