PRINS Releases Summer Dance Single 'Notion'

February 8th 2019

PRINS is proud to release her brand new track ‘Notion', a fizzing dance-pop delight, filled with perfect vocals, fresh hooks and flawless instrumentation. Radiating with the positive emotion of learning to get go, this latest single really proves just how determined and driven PRINS is, and solidifies her place as dance-pop's latest one to watch.

"Notion is a song written about learning to lose yourself in the moment. It has a carefree attitude with a dance breakdown which encourages those self indulgent moments" - PRINS

Alannah PRINS, (24), is an Auckland-born singer/songwriter, actor, dancer and model. From the age of 5, her passion for the arts has been her fuel for needing to succeed in music. Spending the last 5 years in Christchurch, she has been establishing herself with the release of her successful first two tracks ‘Tell Me' and ‘Oh Well'.

"PRINS is bold and beautiful in sound, confident and capable in the art of music, and clearly has her own identity and genuine perspective...she's got ideas that make an impact and the ability to bring them to life perfectly through the way she performs them" - Sleeping Bag Studios

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