Reo Māori SongHubs Announced - Applications Open

September 16th 2020
We're delighted to announce that applications are now open for our new Reo Māori SongHubs Program 2020, and will close at 5pm on Monday 28 September.

When: Monday 16 November to Friday 20 November
Where: Waimārama Marae in Hawkes Bay

What: Reo Māori SongHubs is a collaborative songwriting wānanga presented by APRA AMCOS with the generous support of Te Māngai Pāho. Reo Māori SongHubs brings together experts in music creation and waiata reo Māori to collaborate with a mixture of our best and brightest songwriters, artists and producers.

The curator of the program will be Aotearoa's own superstar/producer/collaborator Joel Little, while pre-eminent mātanga reo/language specialist and songwriter Sir Tīmoti Kāretu will be the reo curator. Four other mātanga reo/songwriters Pānia Papa, Leon Te Heketū Blake, Kingi Kiriona and Jeremy Tātere MacLeod will guide and assist with the sessions. 

How SongHubs works:
Reo Māori SongHubs is a week long program held at Waimārama Marae in Hawkes Bay. Each day you will be assigned a different group to write a song with. This group will consist of a producer/engineer, a Māori language consultant/mātanga reo (see more details below), a ‘lead’ songwriter (for whom you are writing a song), and one other songwriter. These groups will each inhabit a separate space for the day.  
Each songwriter will get the opportunity to be a 'lead' songwriter at least once, and will work with different producers and mātanga reo across the week. 

Eligibility criteria:

You are eligible to apply for Reo Māori SongHubs 2020 if:

  • You are an elected Full Writer Member of APRA
  • You are either a) able to demonstrate commercial success or a strong track record of audience and industry support within the past two years OR b) have a manager, record company, or music publisher, supporting your career
  • You have a recording scheduled for release during the 12 months following Reo Māori SongHubs 2020 and a clear plan for its dissemination
  • You are keen and willing to collaborate with other artists, songwriters and producers
  • You are willing to be photographed and filmed throughout the Reo Māori SongHubs program for APRA's promotional purposes
  • You are willing to make yourself available for media relating to Reo Māori SongHubs 2020, and for your image and biography to be used in association with this and future SongHubs events
  • You are available for the FULL duration of Reo Māori SongHubs 2020 including the pōwhiri at Waimārama Marae on Monday 16 November at 11am to Friday 20 November available daily from 9.30am to 8pm, departing on Saturday 21 November
  • You are a student or speaker of te reo Māori

We are offering the following positions for Reo Māori SongHubs 2020

- 4 producers/engineers  
- 8 songwriters 
Travel, accommodation and meals will be provided.  


Please fill out the application to be considered for one of these positions.



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