Richie Setford Launches a New Phase in His Career With New Single

February 9th 2018
Available from Feb 9 on select digital platforms.

Previously working under the moniker of Bannerman, Richie's first track under his own name brings a subtle sonic shift. Under the guiding hand of regular band members turned 'hottie' producers, Ben & Magnus, Crickets zooms in on Richie 'the storyteller'. Their whispered production gets close and intimate and imaginatively unfurls over 7 glorious, surreal minutes.

Crickets is a Kafkaesque tale of a somewhat delusional man suffering sleep disorder and contemplating his position within the animal hierarchy. It's a track typical of Richie's curiosity as a songwriter and his desire to create a sonic world and narrative the listener can get lost in. In his own words:

" comes from a time when I lived in a tiny house in the woods and there were always crickets getting in though the walls and the roof and driving me crazy through the night, chirping and drinking and smoking their hash with their buddies and I just got sooo tired of them and then I actually thought I was one and I crouched down in the long grass and I rubbed up and down and I ate some larvae and I also discovered I could sing and I found a tiny house in the woods that was warm and I stayed up all night playing saxophone...."

The New Zealander has spent the last four years in Berlin building his reputation as a songwriter's songwriter and session player. He performs with Kat Frankie and Max Prosa and is a fully paid up member of the The Hole Boys and the Neukölln Country Club. Not to mention an all around rough diamond of class and grace.


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