Rita Mae New Single 'Candy's House' Out Friday 24 June!

June 23rd 2022

Rita Mae (aka Rita Laing) is a 23-year-old New Zealand-born singer-songwriter. Writing songs from a very young age, Rita has always used music as a creative outlet to convey various emotions through her deep- felt lyrics. Throughout the last couple of years, Rita has immersed herself within the music sphere, working with various producers and learning to produce herself, all the while continuing to develop her unique songwriting style further in order to find her sound within the indie-pop genre. Her upcoming single, Candy's House, follows her debut single The Secret's Out. Candy's House, which was co-produced by Rita and fellow friend Rede from Ladiesmile, releases on the 24th of June. The song showcases Rita's talents as a singer and songwriter with flying colors as she sings about a metaphoric escape from reality, and her vocals combined with the indie pop and indie rock flavored production make for an extremely soulful song.

Words from Rita
"I wrote Candy's House when I was in a very self-destructive period of my life. My days revolved around escapism, I was getting through every moment to get to the next. To me the song is about looking for some cheat code for feeling OK, living on a kind of borrowed happiness I suppose. That's what Candy's house was to me. Instead of putting effort into real life, real relationships, real happiness, I wanted to hide there."


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