Seth Haapu - Volume II - Released Today

May 19th 2017
Exploring to find the legacy's heart he visited Whangara for the first time in his life where his ancestors settled following their passage from Huahine, French Polynesia.

A vintage manuscript composed and handwritten by his Grandfather over five decades ago, found in the pocket of a family keepsake was the inspiration Seth Haapu needed to embark on a journey to discover his family legacy

Seth says of the experience "It was spiritual. And in it I found a sense of belonging across time, connecting with those gone before and those who are yet to come".

'Volume II' - The second EP in a series of three - is about this journey.

A memorial to Seth's Grandfather, his father, their bloodlines and a generational message that speaks, with love, to those yet to come that they can be better.

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