She Loves You Release New Single 'Devout'

May 29th 2020
The ​SLY ​ladies are back and ready to release their hot, playful alt-pop tune ​Devout​. Fearlessly stepping in a new direction, this catchy track explores new sounds and textures for the band, building on their sweet blues from their debut single ​Dirty Orlean​.


Inspired by the feelings experienced at the beginning of a relationship, ​Devout ​reflects on the intimacy and haze one can find themselves in when sifting through new romantic dynamics and the ways these can strip back all rhyme or reason.

Recorded and produced by Micah Livesay and mastered by Chris Chetland from Kog Mastering, Devout ​is out now.

She Loves You​ are a fast paced, all-girl rock band with a focus on female empowerment within the NZ rock scene. With sassy vocals and cheeky melodies, ​She Loves You​ aim to produce a package of strength and femininity.


Devout​ is available now on Spotify, iTunes and Apple Music.

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