Slo:Wave Introduce Lunar With His Debut EP

April 21st 2017
Available on all digital platforms today!

Slo:Wave is pleased to announce their first official release, a stunning EP from Kiwi Vocalist and Producer Lunar.

Off the back of his collaboration with NZ rapper Lukas which made it's way onto Apple Music's Hot Tracks Playlist and soon after made it to No.5 on NZ's Heatseekers chart, Lunar releases his Debut EP Ob / ser / va / tions.

Lunar creates addictive and dynamic pieces of music through layering beautiful vocals over bass heavy trap beats. His sound can be described as a fusion of R&B and contemporary hip-hop with influences of Jazz, Soul and Electronic music.

Ob / ser / va / tions is about balance and the process of losing and finding it, Lunar shares the journey he's taken as an Artist and the observations he has made along the way.

This EP is a very important part of Lunar's identity.

"I prefer to keep my music simple, not necessarily always low key but whether it's in the production, or the lyrics, or any element, I like to be minimal. It's how I am as a person and I feel like achieving that helps me stay true to myself as an artist and a person.

While my music sounds minimal the complexity and detail goes more into making sure every word I use is the right one and making sure I'm able to say exactly what I want to say. Whether this is in the spotlight of a song or not I love to embed emotions into songs, emulate the raw purity of it and make you feel it." - Lunar

Ob / ser / va / tions is the perfect example of Lunar's approach to music. Track by track Lunar goes through three unique observations he has made during his first 6 months performing and recording as Lunar.

Paper Problems is based on the importance of balance, that too much of one thing is never too good. Money being the upset in the balance, this is a reminder that obsession over possession can corrupt you.

is about the lack of progression and self doubt that can occur at the start of an artists' career. It's about hard work and grinding for so long but seeing no progression or improvement, leaving the artist to question if your dedication has been for nothing.

Take off is the direct follow up to Conversations, it's about the feeling that things are starting to pay off. While the future remains uncertain, you begin to see your dreams take shape and feel you're finally gaining traction. 

"I'm starting to find exactly how to make the music I first had in my head when I started. What started as a dream, which I'm now living in, has turned into a journey with no destination. The journey of an artist never ends. The desire for knowledge and passion and creation never ends. You can never have enough of it, that's just proof that the journey is infinite." - Lunar

Available on Spotify, iTunes and Apple Music.

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