SoundCheck Aotearoa Launches New Website and Comprehensive Resources Tailored for the Music Community

December 17th 2021
Over the course of lockdown, SoundCheck Aotearoa have been working away on a large scale, in depth project to create resources and templates that will help our community to prevent and respond to sexual harassment and harm in the workplace.

SoundCheck know it can be a complex and intimidating issue to work through, and can be hard to find advice or resources that suit the many different workplace scenarios that are part of the music community.

In order to assist and encourage more of our community to tackle the problem, SoundCheck created a specific working group with a broad range of experiences in order to create tools, templates, visual resources and posters, briefings, and guidance that is specific to artists and managers, venues, promoters, crew, production teams, studios and producers, and more.

As part of this process, SoundCheck also re-worked their website, and have come up with more in-depth advice on:

  • available training options
  • prevention resources
  • definitions
  • responding to reports of sexual harm in your workplace
  • external resolution options (including mediation and restorative processes)
  • support services available for those who have experienced sexual harm (and their supporters)
  • support services for those who are accused of or have done sexual harm (and their supporters)
  • resources for PCBUs on handling incidents and complaints  

These documents have been produced and endorsed by SoundCheck Aotearoa but at this stage they are tools for people to use - SoundCheck won’t be endorsing the entities that choose to use them or playing any role in enforcement or delivery. Feedback on the documents is welcome and it is anticipated that they will be updated and adapted on a regular basis.

You can explore the SoundCheck Aotearoa website HERE, and send any feedback to, or fill out the feedback form (which can be done anonymously) HERE.


Acknowledgement from SoundCheck Aotearoa:

These resources were created by a group of people with diverse expertise and experience.

The resources for the live music sector were created by and in collaboration with Sarin Moddle, Tom Anderson, and Woody Kay, whose insights into a variety of live music settings, workplaces, roles, and events was invaluable in making these resources useful and relevant to such a wide group in our community.

We were grateful to have input and feedback from Calvin Culverwell and Bic Runga, particularly in relation to studios and artists. We'd also like to thank and acknowledge the feedback given from a multitude of people in the industry that helped shape these documents - which included artists, tour managers, agents, promoters, production suppliers, H&S reps, artist managers, contractors, security providers, and more.

We would especially like to thank the survivors of sexual harassment from the music community who generously gave their time and energy to provide feedback on the resources throughout this process.

The project was supported by HR specialists from Hive Consulting, and independent sexual harm prevention specialists Rachel Harrison and Mel Calvesbert (download their bios here). Mark Roach did all the design work in creating the visual resources.

SoundCheck Aotearoa is funded by NZ Music Commission, NZ On Air, Recorded Music NZ and APRA AMCOS NZ.



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