Sunny Ray’s New Album ‘Sentient Compass’

June 4th 2020
Singer-Songwriter Sunny Ray creates heartfelt medicinal folk music that soothes the soul.

Always growing and pushing the evolution of her sound, Sunny has enlisted polymath Brother Beans (founder of Beanstalk Records and Grounded Permaculture Action Party Inc.) to produce her latest offering; Sentient Compass.

This twelve track album is a journey from start to finish; a tasty blend of folk, electronic and future pop music recorded in 432hz to activate the listeners heart and empower the inner creator through empathic storytelling and enlightened perspective. It is delightfully surprising, expansive and deeply anchored music, mixing starlight with indigenous earth essences for a fully activating and transformative listening experience.


From the melancholic love-ballad of ‘Responsible’, to the laid back grooves of ‘Rains’ or ‘Ashes & Dust’ to the trap-infused super-hero move-theme-song of ‘I Truly Love Myself’ - each and every track is a single on its own right standing in a realm of its own - yet sequentially they weave  seamlessly together creating the transformative listening experience that is ‘Sentient Compass’.


'Sentient Compass’' is out on Bandcamp and will be available on all streaming platforms

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